Glass-Free 3D Technology – Apple, Toshiba Taking Lead

Apple, the makers of iPod and iPhone is working towards a new generation 3D technology which allows viewing movies and TV without 3D glasses. Apple had earlier acquired a patent on a technology which allows creating 3D images that can be viewed without wearing glasses.

For this, the Apple system relies on a special screen which is dotted with tiny pixel-sized domes.  This reflective and textured surface can bounce back projected images taken in slightly different angles into the left and right eyes of the viewer, resulting in stereoscopic effect.

Apple’s patent claims that the technology can be used to create images that appears holographic due to its ability to track the movement of the observer.

Another consumer electronics company leading in glass free 3D technology is Toshiba. Earlier this December, Toshiba had introduced 3D TV which requires no glass for viewing. Toshiba’s glass free 3D TV uses ‘lenticular sheet’ packed with magnifying lenses instead of current technology which parses images by means of glasses. [via]

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