Ubuntu Edge Superphone Running Ubuntu Mobile OS is a Fully Functional PC!

The world of computers without free software is non-imaginary for the people who started using systems in this millennium. But it was unthinkable once, till the historic move of free software started by the likes of Linus Pauling and Richard Stallman. The Microsoft inc.’s upper hand in operating systems were questioned by the introduction of Linux based OS, by a group of dedicated computer geniuses.

Later came the smartphone era. The top guns in the smartphone OS field is still Android of Google, but there are iOS from Apple, Windows OS, Nokia OS, Blackberry OS, latest Firefox OS etc. The Linux based operating system Ubuntu is the latest player who is going to step into the field with their product Ubuntu OS.

Ubuntu is not just going to introduce an OS, but its going to start a revolution. Ubuntu wants to create space for a superphone. Let us check how. According to Ubuntu, they are creating a phone with dual boot, a phone which could be converted to a PC by connecting it to a monitor, a phone which can redefine the concept of a “smartphone”.

According to sources, team Ubuntu is going to roll out the product with lots of new definitions and specifications. The product will be rolled out under the name tag Ubuntu Edge. Ubuntu had revealed the possible major technical specifications which they are going to implement in this device.

According to the revealed specs, the device will have Dual Boot option. User can boot using either Ubuntu Mobile OS or Android OS. Both will be installed in the phone. When docked with a monitor, Ubuntu Edge will transform itself to a fully functional PC which runs on Ubuntu OS.

Ubuntu said that they will use the fastest available multi-core CPU with  4GB RAM and 128GB storage in Ubuntu Edge. The display will be a 4.5″ HD display with 1280 x 720 pixels screen resolution and hardly 300 ppi pixel density. Unlike the other phones, the display will be protected by original Sapphire crystal, not Glass.

Ubuntu promises that they will use an 8 MP camera in the rear, which will be facilitated to shoot quality pictures even during low-light conditions. There will be a 2 MP front camera too.

The device will have Dual-LTE chip for better connectivity in 4G, dual-band WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth version 4 and NFC in its connectivity package, according to the technical specifications. On the hardware side, the device will have MHL connector and 3.5mm audio jack.

There will be GPS and sensors such as accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and barometer sensors as additional. There will be stereo speakers with HD audio, dual-mic recording and Active Noise Cancellation facility for better audio experience.

To save and serve power for this device, Ubuntu will use a Silicon-anode Li-Ion battery in Ubuntu Edge to ensure that the device’s power can last enough.

To be brief, neither it represents a phone, nor a PC. It’s the beginning of a new segment. Right now, the project is awaiting Crowd funding, says Ubuntu.


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