Amazon Payment Services – Amazon Checkout and Simple Pay

Amazon payments launched two new payment solutions – Checkout by Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay.

Checkout by Amazon provides additional capabilities to support real-time shipping and tax calculation, promotions, and order management-tasks including order cancellations, order reports and shipment tracking. If you don’t need Amazon’s end-to-end checkout pipeline and order management capabilities, but still want to enable your customers to use their payment information already on file at, use Amazon Simple Pay.

Checkout by Amazon

Checkout by Amazon is a complete e-commerce checkout solution providing the same secure and trusted checkout experience available on It offers Amazon’s 1-Click payment and tools for businesses to manage shipping charges, sales tax, promotions, and post-sale activities including refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks.

Using Amazon Checkout, shoppers can use their account information on other Amazon Checkout enabled websites to complete purchases without having to re-enter their shipping address or payment information.


E-commerce website owners can have the same amazon checkout experience by incorporating Amazon Checkout on their website. Checkout comes with Amazon’s proven fraud detection capabilities, chargebacks controls and risk management processes.

Checkout by Amazon provides real-time shipping and sales tax calculation when customers place orders. It provides tools to easily configure the shipping and sales tax rates. Amazon provides tools to create and offer customized promotions to your e-commerce customers.

Checkout by Amazon provides tools to view, edit, settle, and cancel orders, search orders by date, download orders in a text file, and print shipping labels and packing slips.E-commerce sites can co-brand the checkout pipeline hosted by Amazon Payments with their own logo and keep their brand name.

Amazon Simple Pay

Amazon Simple Pay is a set of payment-only products that allow your customers to use payment information from their account as a payment method on your website.

You can use Amazon Simple Pay to enable payments, donations, and marketplace transactions. It provides easy-to-configure, cut and paste html code and buttons for your business needs.

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