US Universities Using Amazon Kindle for Textbooks

Remember those school/college days carrying a backpack full of textbooks? Students of a few US universities just got luckier. Those university publishers are now signing up with Amazon’s wireless reading device, Kindle.

Yahoo Buzz reports that Kindle carries book titles in digital form from Princeton University, Oxford, Yale, and University of California.

Most publishers sell the digital books a few dollars cheaper than the paper version. The students will also save on shipping costs. Students don’t need to wait in long lines to buy textbooks during the rush seasons. With Kindle’s wireless service, students can download books off the Web from almost anyplace.

Instead of having to thumb through pages, students can find text instantly with Kindle’s Search feature. Kindle allows users to highlight text and make notes. Students can carry more than 200 titles in a Kindle device weighing around 250 grams.

It is said that the Kindle is not very good at graphics or diagrams. Kindle is best suited for plain textbooks.

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