“Pikeo” – Store, Share And Manage Your Pictures Online

PikeoPikeo is an online application which lets you look at your pictures along with a map showing the scenes of your crimes. Pikeo also helps you organise your pictures in smart albums based on what, where and who information (called tags).

With Pikeo, you can decide which of your pictures you want to share with your family, friends and everyone else, and which ones you want no one to see.

Pikeo is a picture sharing application that allows you to store, share and manage your pictures. Among many other things it also allows you to show where your shots have been taken and where other pikeo users have been.

[advt]With Pikeo, you can share photos with family or friends. Let people see an interactive map with those photos and then post messages or comments about the photos.

Pikeo is a rich Internet application (RIA) built on Adobe Flex, where interactivity is the key to all exchanges. “Pikeo is unique because its an interactive geographical map that pinpoints where the photo was taken, making the viewer’s experience of the community website even more striking,”


  • Efficiently built a flexible and intuitive interface accessible in only two clicks
  • Streamlined developing custom applications
  • Improved productivity thanks to modular development in Flex environment


  • Free to use
  • Not intuitive
  • Integrated map
  • Photo tagging available
  • Limited fee-based printing
  • Beta testing ongoing

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