Upload and Share High Quality Pictures with Troovi

Troovi is an online application which provide picture exchanging service that enables your pictures to be shared and retain their high quality. With Troovi, you can share your photos with your friends and family in high quality.

The best thing about Troovi is that you can publish your photos to the internet in a matter of clicks, this makes something that can be time consuming and complicated very simple. With Troovi, uploading photos is really easy; it’s just a matter of selecting the files that you want to upload and then clicking the upload button.

The photos can then be downloaded by whoever wants them in high quality. The free accounts will be removed if nobody accesses them within 30 days. No account is needed, so when you select the pictures that you want to upload and upload them, you’ll get a unique URL that you can share with friends.

The picture collection is collaborative in the sense that viewers can also upload their own pictures to go along with yours. Downloading the pictures is easy because you can download them one at a time or download the complete collection as a zip file. This is picture sharing that makes sense.


[advt]Everybody who knows the unique URL of your collection has full access to the photos including the ability to upload new photos. So others can add their own photos to your collection. You can download either one single photo or even all photos as a zip file in high quality. Never again downscaled photos in bad quality and low resolution


  • Upload your photos in under four clicks
  • Share your photos with your friends
  • Create an account to keep track of your photos
  • Upload up to 15 photos at once with the free version (Unlimited in the premium version)

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