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Addhop is a link sharing community website, where users can submit various content and discuss it via comments. User submitted content can be voted up or down, bringing the best links to the top for every user to see.


  • Extremely fast browsing: Having to wait for your anticipated information is now a thing of the past, even with a slow internet, because our technical team has developed a fast, convenient way to browse the website.
  • [advt]Hideable menu: Spam, commercials and other various bars constantly popping up and offering things you don‘t need can give you a headache. So, for your convenience, it gave the menu and browsing link list ability to hide
  • Filters: Having trouble finding something? Try using our filters (websites, pictures, videos). It guarantees you will find everything you need faster and easier.
  • Easy to use: It top priority is to ensure that your browsing is simple, convenient and enjoyable. That is why we said no to complex menus, tons of options and useless functions, which you never use.

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