Abilon – Rss feed / News Aggregator

Abilon is a RSS feeds aggregator. You can store interesting items in memories for later retrieval. An aggregator works using RSS feeds. It collects and feeds the news that you want, to your chosen destination. You can set archival options for each feed so that recent items are retained even when they are removed from the feed. Abilon will display headlines from RSS Channels in an easy to read format.

This is very useful for catching up on news after a long vacation. It includes an automatically run updating scheduler that will update all your chosen RSS feeds. It can process the data once you have received. It includes a built-in browser which allows the user to read more information about the specific data by redirecting the feeds to home site.


  • Update scheduler.
  • Memories.
  • RSS and Atom Support.
  • Built-in Browser.
  • Blogging support.
  • Archiving.

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