10xwhois.com – Ultra Fast Tool for Domain Search

10xwhois.comJayson, a friend and an ex-colleague of mine at Infosys, is a brilliant web architect. I am glad to inform you that he just announced a new domain search/whois utility 10xwhois. 10xwhois is an AJAX based domain name search tool which instantly lets you know whether a domain is available or not. Yes, at lightning speed! The search can be done for multiple top level domains like .in, .com, .org, .net, .info, etc..

You can save your domain searches in a favorite list. It is designed to handle high volume requests and is probably the fastest domain search service on internet. This tool is a Java web application and is hosted on a dedicated server. Jayson is still working on a few enhancements such as domain suggest and 10xwhois widgets.

Congratulations Jayson! I really liked the ultra fast tool.

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