Google TV Software Coming Soon – TV Through Internet

Google is planning to introduce Android-based television software to access television through internet. It is designed to work on open set-top boxes (STB), TVs and other similar device. Google is expected to share some details with annual developer conference in a conference in San Francisco on May 19 and 20.

The service allows users to access and search across programming from the internet as well as Dish’s conventional programming. The test is still limited to a very small number of the company’s employees and their families. [via wsj]

The Google TV software might provide a better platform for Google’s web-based advertisements. It is believed that Google might enter into a partnership with Intel, Sony, and Logitech to make this initiative a success. It is also reported that Google has inked a deal with Sony Corporation to launch the Google TV next month in Japan. Intel will provide the chips. But nothing is officially announced yet by Google.

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