Real Robo-Phone – SoftBank 815T PB – Specially Made for TV Drama

Robo phoneYou would have heard about wrist watch phones, pen phone, etc.. Here comes Robo-phone! SoftBank 815T PB is the first Mecha like real 3G mobile phone in the world, with a 3.2 mega pixel auto focus camera and a QVGA screen. There is a kit given with the phone that you glue to the back of the handset to make it a toy looking like the Transformer (remember the movie) robot.

This mobile phone is part of TV Tokyo’s new drama project for teenagers titled Keitai Sousakan 7. It is the story of a high schooler who teams up with a mobile phone robot to fight against an internet-based crime organization. This mobile phone is modeled after the robot from the show, which starts on April 2. More news here, here and here.

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