Download Free Screenshot Capture Software for Windows – Zscreen

Zscreen is an open-source program for screen capture functions in Microsoft Windows. It can be used to upload screenshots, pictures, texts and other files along with URLs.

You do need the .NET 3.5 framework to run ZScreen, but the installer will automatically download it and install it for you if you do not have it.

Features of Zscreen

  • 3 Screen capture options – Active Window (Alt+PrintScreen), Crop Shot (capture a specific region with Ctrl + PrintScreen) and Entire Screen (PrintScreen).
  • Upload to Image Hosting Services – Zscreen lets you to upload to your personal accounts in Tinypic, Imageshack and other custom places with Custom Uploader.
  • Image Editor – The built-in image editor lets you to annotate your screenshots as you wish.
  • Localhost Accounts – This feature helps you to host screenshots in a shared folder, thereby sharing the file URL with work colleagues.
  • Portability – You can run Zscreen from a USB drive
  • Multiple monitor support – From version onwards, multiple monitor support is available.
  • Watermarks – This feature allows you to use text or image watermark.
  • Hot keys for easy access to all major functions.
  • Auto-update via

Download of Zscreen Desktop application

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