Zoundry Blog Writer – Free Blogging Client

Zoundry Blog Writer is a free blogging client with features such as drop in pictures, and tagging your posts.  It lets you make money when readers buy through the affiliate links in your blog. It features a rich WYSIWYG blogging editor that allows you to easily compose an entry and publish it to your blog. Users can drag and drop image into the post and create block quotes with just a few clicks.

The Zoundry Blog Writer software allows people that don’t have knowledge about HTML coding to write, format, and create link and images. Users don’t have to type the code in order to render it in the right format.  Zoundry functions just like WordPress CMS. It simplifies the process of adding affiliate links. To insert an affiliate link, users just have to highlight the product name, right click and select Create Product Link.

Download Zoundry Blog Writer 


  • Rich WYSISYG editor
  • Supports Atom Api, metaweblog and movabletype XML-RPC API, Livejournal.com ( LJ xml-rpc API), and XML-RPC API v1 and v2
  • Easily create affiliate links by selecting Create Product Link from the right click menu.
  • Runs on Windows platform.
  • Zoundry is installed on your PC and don’t requires a browser to access it.
  • [advt]Users will be able to write posts offline
  • Move images around the blog entry
  • Easily format text with its WYSIWYG editor
  • Earn money through the Zoundry Product Placement Engine

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