ZoomAndGo – Travel Website with Hotel Video by Travelers

ZoomAndGo is a travel Web site boasting the world’s largest online collection of hotel video captured by travelers, and a unique loyalty program allowing travelers to earn money each time they book a hotel, review a hotel or post a video or picture to the site.

Through Zoom And Go, travelers have the opportunity to share with other travelers and make money for their submissions.

Zoom And Go is about non-biased travel information supplied by other travelers or locals so that means that you can make better travel decisions. It about inspiring travelers about where to go, what to see, what to do and where to stay based on the experiences of other travelers or on the recommendations from locals around the world.


With ZoomAndGo, travelers can submit their photographs, video images, video interviews, 360-degree panoramas, accommodation reviews, and travel advice online to ZoomAndGo.com, identifying the best and worst features of places to stay around the world.[advt]

With ZoomAndGo, travelers also highlighted specific travel safety and security issues at a time when these issues are increasingly important.

Membership to Zoom And Go is free. In addition to earning money for their images and reviews, travelers can make money simply by referring others to Zoom And Go to sign up as members. Those referring friends earn an extra 5% of that friend’s lifetime earnings, over and above what is normally paid out to a given member.

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