YouTube Social – Watch Videos Online With Friends

YouTube Social make online video a social experience by combining real-time, interactive, and community building capabilities of social networks with analytics, control, and monetization features enabling companies to engage audiences, build community, and monetize.

In YouTube Social you can watch videos with your online friends around the world. Once you  find a video interesting, you can send the URL of that particular video to your friends directly through email or through Facebook connect. You can host a Video party among your online friends! Once the invited friends join the party room, it will be shown on the right pane of the window. The person who host the party or who invite the friends to the party will be having the remote and he can play the video. Friends can post comments on the video.


How to watch videos with friends at  YouTubeSocial?

Type “social” in the YouTube URL between the “tube” and “.com” part (for eg., and it will redirect you to YouTube Social with your video in a room. Then, you can invite your friends to join your room to watch the video by copying the provided-URL and send it to friends. YouTube Social will provide tinyurl to send to your friend. Alternatively, you can use Facebook Connect to log on, and you can post the party information on your friends’ walls. So now you are hosting a YouTube Video Party.

The person who starts the party will have the remote with him. He can pause or stop the video whenever he wants. Then the guests too cant view the video until the person who has the remote plays or resumes the video.

The list of people who attends the party will be shown in the right pane of the window. Using the chat feature provided there, members attending the party can chat among themselves. They can write comments about the video they watch.

Watching a video in YouTube is no longer boring. You have your friends online in your YouTube Party room to comment about the video. [source]

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