YouTube Disco – Music Discovery Service by YouTube

YouTube Disco is a music discovery service that launched by YouTube. You have two options when searching YouTube Disco. You can search for an artist or song and hear more songs by that artist, you might discover something new but it will be within the artist’s own discography or you can search for music related to the song or artist you initially searched for.

Find, Mix and Watch. That is the slogan of Youtube’s newest addition Youtube Disco. The new feature is basically a music exploration service. It begins by entering an artist, band or song in the search form on the start page. It will then crawl its vast database and display a results page that consists of a music playlist of songs by that artist, related artists, artist information as well as two additional playlists.

[advt]The first playlist mixes the original artist with related artists while the second displays only related artists and their songs. Songs from all three playlists can be mixed together and viewed on the same page.

Youtube Disco can obviously be used to either play only songs from one artist or songs from that artist and related artists. The latter seems to be the main use of the service as the other option is also possible directly on Youtube.

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