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Kareer.me makes online resume creation easy. After creating your first resume, it’s easy to create more by duplicating an existing resume. Then just tweak to personalize for a specific employer. Record a personal video, attach samples of your work, and customize your resume details. Also you can personalize your message and grab the attention of the reviewer.

It help you to stand out from the rest by helping you design an impressive web resume that gives you an opportunity to use video to pitch the employer, show off your work, and personalize a resume for each opportunity. No more excel spreadsheets or sticky notes to manage your job search. Kareer.me keeps everything in one spot to help you be successful in your job search.

Track resumes views and number of email forwards. Know exactly when to follow up with employers. Never feel like you’re sending your resume into a black hole again.


  • Super fast resume builder: With Kareer.me it’s fast, easy, and fun to create your online resume. You can have your first online resume completed in less than 10 minutes. Once you’ve create your first Kareer.me resume, you can duplicate and personalize it for each job opportunity. Creating beautiful web resumes is easier than ever and you’ll feel good knowing that you stand out from other job seekers.
  • Beautiful web resumes:Sure there are other sites that help you create online resumes, but Kareer.me is focused on helping you create beautiful online resumes that get you noticed. If you’re looking for an edge against other graduating students or job seekers, then a Kareer.me web resume can help. A Kareer.me online resume places the unique features, like video pitch and attachments, right on top, so recruiters and employers notice how you’re different right away.
  • Search millions of jobs: Kareer.me brings you millions of job postings from all over the web so you can focus your search from one place. Save your favorite job postings to review later, or create a new Kareer.me resume for a job posting in two clicks. Save time searching for jobs, so you can get back to your life.
  • [advt]Get feedback during your job search: With Kareer.me you can track your resumes so you’ll know exactly when its been viewed by the recipient. Track resume statisticslike number of resume views and forwards to colleagues so you know which job opportunities are receiving the most activity.
  • Share your resume anywhere: Unlike other online resume services that only allow you to post jobs to their own job board, Kareer.me gives you the freedom to apply to any job, anywhere using your Kareer.me web resume. Each resume you create on Kareer.me is given a unique web link that you can share on any service you like. Share your resume with employers or recruiters through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Monster, Craigslist, or any other creative way you can think of. Just copy and paste the unique link from the resume you would like to share into your service of choice.
  • Create personalized video pitches: With Kareer.me, you can create a personalized video pitch for each employer and get an additional opportunity to show them why you’re the one for the job! Use your web cam, digital camcorder, or digital camera to record a quick personalized video pitch for your online resume and upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Attach documents, images, links and more: Whether you’re a graduating student with lots of great classroom work samples, or a seasoned professional with an archive of previous work, you now have an opportunity to share your experience with a potential employer. Never send email attachments again. Just send your resume’s unique web link to the employer or recruiter and all your work will be in one spot and easily downloadable.

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