“Your Login Session Has Expired” Message in Yahoomail

You’ll see this message if it’s been more than eight hours since you last signed in to Yahoo! Mail and still haven’t signed out. Yahoo display this message and ask that you log in again as a safeguard for Yahoo! Mail users, especially those who use public or shared computers.

You might also want to check your account information. If you’ve chosen to be prompted for a password more frequently than every eight hours, your session expires after the specified amount of time. To change this, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account, and go to your Inbox.
  2. At the top of the page, click “My Account” below “Hi yourname.”
  3. Enter your password to verify your account on the following page.
  4. On the “Yahoo! Account Info” page, click the “Edit” button to the right of Member Information.
  5. In “General Preferences” toward the bottom of the page, select your “Prompt for Password” setting in the pull-down menu.
  6. Click the “Finished” button to save your changes.

[advt]Note: Opening another browser window and logging in to a second Yahoo! Mail account automatically signs you out of the first. When you return to the first account, clicking any link gives you the “your login session has expired” message.

Finally, if the time is incorrectly set on your computer, browsers will have difficulty managing cookie files and generate error messages more frequently.[source]


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