Yoono Portable Social Networking Application in USB Drive

Yoono Desktop  Portable is a version of Yoono Desktop that runs off of a USB storage drive. It enables you to launch the Yoono’s social network aggregator directly from a USB drive. Your entire profile is saved on it, and thus  your personal data don’t get saved in the computer you are using. Yoono portable helps you to take all your social networking profile wherever you go.

Take Yoono with you and run it anywhere you go without having to download and install it on new machines.

Download Yoono Desktop Portable Version. Both Windows and Mac versions are included in the zip file.


To use this version, simply unzip the download directly on your USB drive and then launch the version of the product (Windows or Mac) that you want to run.  When you get to the Yoono set up screen you can sign in if you are an existing registered Yoono user or just set up your services  (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, AIM, etc.) as you normally would.

Note: To avoid data corruption, it is best to close Yoono before you disconnect your USB drive. [source]

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