Yamgo Mobile TV – Watch Fashion TV and B4U Music on Phone

Yamgo Mobile TV allows you to watch free live TV channels and video on your mobile phone, iPad and other portable devices. Yamgo puts TV in your pocket and gives you instant access to breaking news, TV shows, music videos, live sports and the best entertainment on the move. B4U music is the only available Asian channel in Yamgo.

Stream live TV channels on your iphone, iPad, iPod, nokia, HTC, android, samsung, sony ericsson or other device. Explore and enjoy our extensive catalogue of videos and share your mobile TV experiences with friends by using our free link service.

Yamgo streams high-quality free TV and video anytime anywhere avoiding the need for downloading software. Works like an iphone app on all phones.

B4U : B4U has been available in Yamgo from the last December onwards and became the first Asian channel to launch on the global mobile TV network Yamgo. B4U music channel broadcasts Bollywood themed music 24/7.

[advt]This will deliver an exclusive showcase for Asian music content, from global artists and labels across  all mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Blackberry, and viewers will be able to enjoy a fresh and youthful approach with a focus on Bollywood and lifestyle programming.

B4U music channel is available in Yamgo at http://yamgo.mobi/b4u

Fashion TV: The world’s number one lifestyle channel, has become the first fashion and lifestyle channel to launch on the global mobile TV network Yamgo. Fashion TV, the global 24-hour fashion, beauty & lifestyle television channel.

It is available on more than 30 different satellites, in more than 190 countries and over 350 million households across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, is the latest channel to launch on the mobile content delivery network and will provide an exclusive showcase for high level brands, fashion shows and exclusive lifestyle events, across mobile phones worldwide.

Fashion TV, the world’s premier fashion, beauty and lifestyle channel, will be available on mobile devices worldwide with Yamgo at http://yamgo.mobi/fashion-tv

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