Watch Live TV on BSNL Mobile Phones in India

BSNL along with Apalya Technologies provides world class TV through GSM mobile Handsets to BSNL’s EDGE/GPRS customers. Visit from your phone. To avail this service, the customers having EDGE/GPRS need to send an SMS MYTV to 55447 and download application. You can also download the application from

Apalya Technologies has tied up with leading media companies like NDTV, AAJTAK, CARTOON NETWORK, TIMES NOW, ZOOM, BINDASS, ETV, TV9, India Vision, MAATV, INDIA TV, CNN-Mobile to deliver wide varieties of contents for the end to end mobile TV & video solution to BSNL’s EDGE/GPRS Customers. The subscribers will be able to watch both Live TV and On Demand Video.

MIMOBI.TV is offered in three different packages.

Per Day Package: Rs. 10 per day, access to a group of channels like TIMES NOW, ZOOM or AAJTAK, HEADLINE NEWS or only MAA TV or only TV9 etc. Pay Per Day package provides you the facility to watch any one favorite channel group for full 24 hours. You will not be able to choose more than one group in Pay Per Day subscription as it provides facility to access only one channel group per day. You can unsubscribe and add other Per Day Package. If you are subscribed for Pay Per Day package then next 24 hrs from the time you registered you can access to another channel group.

Monthly Package: Rs 150. Access to all available channels under basic package for one month. With Monthly subscription package, you are free to view all channel groups you wish to see that MIMOBI.TV provides for a whole month.

Per Channel Package: Rs 50 per month, access to only specific channels. This subscription provides to view any one channel for a month.



To register for MIMOBI.TV, download MIMOBI.TV software. Then MIMOBI.TV icon will be available in your phone and click it to go through the registration process. Go to options button and select the Registration Plan. Select your subscription type either Monthly Plan or Pay-Per-View plan.

If you have a WAP plan, you can use MIMOBI.TV. You can activate MIMOBI.TV if you have a prepaid connection also, provided you have enough balance to get registered with it. MIMOBI.TV accessing is not dependent on access point. You just need to have model that MIMOBI.TV supports. To install and run the MIMOBI.TV you must have minimum of 2mb free memory.

Subscription Packages
Within the MIMOBI.TV application, in the main screen you have options to choose different subscription packages- Monthly Plan and Pay-Per-View Plan. To get more detailed information regarding these plans you can get information from HELP menu.

Supported Devices:

Series 60 devices: FP2: Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, N72

FP3: Nokia N90, S60 ThirdEdition, 3250, 5500(sport), 5700(Express), 6110(Navigator), 6120(Classic), 6121(Classic), 6290, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95

J2ME Devices: SonyEricsson K550, K610, K790, K800, K810, W580, w610, W660, W710, W830, W850, w880, Z310, Z610, Z710, K310, K320, K510, W200, W300, W550, W600, W810, W900, Z530, Z550, Z558, K600, K750, V600, W700, W800, Z520, Z525

More Q&A

Q) I have already registered using my SIM Card on my mobile handset. Now I am using a different handset, why does MIMOBI.TV show me registration screen again?
A) When you install MIMOBI.TV application on your mobile then the application will automatically start from the beginning for the first time. As you are already registered tried to register again with the same Plan you opted at the time of registration without any subscription charges. If you try to register with some other plan the charges would be taken into consideration. And you will be subscribed with the new plan only.

Q) Can I preview other channels, which are not a part of my Per-Day package or my monthly package before subscribing to them?
A) Yes, you are free to watch channels before subscribing any service. You will not be able to preview once you are registered with any of these packages.

Q) How long is the preview available for?
A) Preview is available for only 1 day from the day you have opted it.

Q) I would like to add more groups to my Per Day Package, what should I do?
A) No, Pay Per Day does not provide you the facility to view more channel groups. To watch more than one channel group get accessed with Monthly Plan subscription.

Q) How many channels do I get when I subscribe for a monthly package?
A) You will get all the BASIC channels MIMOBI.TV provides for Monthly subscribers.

Q) Why am I not able to see all the channels?
A) If you are Pay Per Day subscriber, then there is no facility to watch all channels. If you are a Monthly Subscriber, Check your Personalization option whether you have Unmarked channels. Check Personalize option in your Channels screen and Programs screen whether you have unmarked any channels.

Q) I am a prepaid subscriber, I am trying to register using the monthly//per channel package, how long will it take to register me?
A) For a Pre-paid customer to get registered for a monthly or Per Channel Package with MIMOBI.TV it may take 24 to 48 hours.

Q) I am a postpaid subscriber, I am trying to register using the daily package, how long will it take to register me?
A) For a post-paid customer to get registered for a monthly or Per Channel Package with MIMOBI.TV it may take 24 to 48 hours.

Q) I have registered for a Monthly/ /Per Channel, but I keep getting the Alert saying “Check Registration Status”, Why is that, and what should I do?
A) Your registration should be activated once you have received an SMS confirming your Registration. It would take 24 to 48 hours to get registered for Monthly or a Per Channel Package, if it has been more than 24 to 48 hours please escalate the case.

Q) I have registered for a Monthly/Pay Per Day/Per Channel and I got SMS message saying “Your MIMOBI.TV has been activated”. After that I invoke MIMOBI.TV and it still says “Check Status” and when I try to check the status the GPRS symbol keeps blinking and nothing happens.
A) The network seems to be weak, please try accessing from a different location or at a different time.

Q) I have installed CELLONE MIMOBI.TV; please register me for monthly plan.
A) In the Registration Screen, Go to Options menu. Go to Change Registration Plan.

Q) When I click on “Check Status” It says, “In Progress” what does it mean?
A) The registration you had requested is received but yet still has not been activated. Please check back within 24 to 48 hours.

Q) How long it would take for the Registration to be activated?
A) It may take about 24 to 48 hours to get your registration activated.

Q) When I click the “Check Your Status” I get an error saying “Pre-Paid Balance Low”
A) To activate any plan you must have enough balance to get subscribed. So, check your balance and proceed further.

Q) When I click the “Check Your Status” I get an error saying “XXXXXXXXXXXX” ?
A) Due to the heavy traffic in your network, sometimes you can’t be able to access the application. Try it later.

Q) When I am trying to register I get an error message saying “Phone Model Not Supported “?
A) MIMOBI.TV application works only on few device models. So, check out your model support with MIMOBI.TV on website.

Q) I get an error message saying “Re Register to view MIMOBI.TV”?
A) When your Preview option has been expired and yet you are not subscribed to either of the subscription packages then the re-register message would pop up.

Q) I am registered for Monthly Package, how can I change to Per Day Package? If so, how?
A) To switch your plan from Monthly plan to Pay Per Day package try to unsubscribe and then reregister with Pay Per Day package from the registration screen.

Q) I am registered for Daily Package; can I change to Monthly Package? If so how?
A) Yes, you can change Monthly plan from Pay Per Day package. After 24 hours from the time you registered as Pay Per Day you are free to switch to any other plan.

Q) It has been more than a day since I have registered for MIMOBI.TV; It still shows “Check Registration Status”?
A) Your request is still in Process. As soon as your request is activated you would receive an SMS, please try accessing after you have received the SMS.

Q) I got an SMS saying my MIMOBI.TV Service is activated, but when I go to access MIMOBI.TV, It still shows the Status as “IN PROGRESS”?`
A) Your request is received to our service but still has not been activated. Please check back in a hour.

Q) I installed MIMOBI.TV app, registered for monthly plan and was using it. Somehow I reinstalled MIMOBI.TV app and it shows me registration screen again. What happened to my previous registration plan?
A) When you re-install MIMOBI.TV application on your mobile then the application will automatically start from the beginning for the first time. As you are already registered tried to register again with the same Plan you opted at the time of registration without any subscription charges.


Q) I am a Pay Per Day subscriber. How to unsubscribe from Monthly plan?
A) To subscribe from Monthly Plan click Check Registration Plan
Select Unsubscribe

Q) I have subscribed for Pay Per Day package. Why do not I get unsubscribe option for the same.
A) Automatically you will get un-subscribed from the plan after 24 hrs of registration. To subscribe again you need to get re-registered.

Q) What purpose is the Un subscription option used?
A) This provides you the facility to switch from one plan to any other plan and also to unsubscribe to this service at any point of time.

Q) How long does it usually take for the Un-subscription to happen?
A) The Un-subscription would usually take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.


Q) How to check whether the program is updated or not?
A) Whenever a program is selected to watch, Time and Date of the updated program will be shown on the screen.

Q) How to increase or decrease the volume while watching a program?
A) Press left navigation key to decrease the volume. Press right navigation key to increase the volume up to the extent needed.

Q) How to handle a telephone call while watching video?
A) Downloading completes MIMOBI.TV handles it and you can attend or discard the call.

Q) If a SMS/mms is received in the middle of a program then how to handle it?
A) A message icon is displayed on the top right corner of the screen when you are watching the program if SMS received.
Q) Will I be able to hear alarm while watching the clip?
A) Yes, clip will be automatically paused when alarm occurs and then after snoozing it you will be able to watch the program from the paused state.

Q) What models can be used to access MIMOBI.TV?
NOKIA 6600, NOKIA 6630, NOKIA P930, NOKIA 6680, NOKIA 6681,
NOKIA 6682, NOKIA 3230, NOKIA 6670, NOKIA 7610, NOKIA 6620,
NOKIA 6260, NOKIA 7650, NOKIA 3650, NOKIA 3620

Q) Can I send MIMOBI.TV to my friend?
A) NO, Currently CELLONE MIMOBI.TV does not support Blue Tooth download.

Q) The clip was playing smoothly but suddenly MIMOBI.TV had logged off.
A) Signal is weak.
B) Battery failed

Q) How often are the programs updated?
A) Programs are updated frequently, Check the time displayed when the clip starts playing.

Q) How do turn off playing the trailers?
A) Press the PAUSE key and the content would automatically start playing once the clip has buffered.

Q) I get a message saying, “Channels/Programs updated “what does it mean?
A) This means that either new channels/programs have been updated or deleted.
Q) I click on a program it comes back and says “Program not available” and “Channels/Programs updated “?
A) The program you have requested is no longer available.


Q) How do I personalize my MIMOBI.TV?
A) You can manage your preferences by selecting options (left soft key) and marking/unmarking the item you want to set and can get quickly accessed.

Q) How to add channels and programs in personalization from player screen?
A) Click Option and select Personalize.
B) Mark/ Unmark channels list if you are in the Channels screen
C) Mark/ Unmark the programs list if you are in the Programs screen.
D) Press Ok.

APN setting for by BSNL


1) If the APN setting already exists on your Handset, no need to create them once again.
2) For Nokia Handset, make sure that while downloading, the APN, are set for your phone browser. Following are the details to set your browser with the APN.
 Open your default browser (Web/Services – icon names may change with a phone).
 Click Options > Scroll Down > open Settings > choose your default APN.

3) For Sony Ericsson Handset, make sure that your default APN is selected while downloading the application, in your internet setting.


NOKIA HANDSETS to download
From the main Menu, go to Tools folder and select Settings > Connection > Access points
From Access Points menu, select Options > New Access point > Use default settings.
Next, for each of the fields enter accordingly
 Connection name – BSNL-WAP
 Data bearer – GPRS
 Access point name –
 User name – ppp
 Password – ppp123
 Prompt Password – No
 Authentication – Normal
click on Options > Advanced Settings
 Proxy server address –
 Port number – 9401

From the main Menu, go to Connectivity > Date Comm. > Data Account > New Account > GPRS data > add

 Name – BSNL-WAP
click on CONTINUE

 APN –
 Username – ppp
 Password – ppp123
click on SAVE

Again select BSNL-WAP, click on Edit
 Authentication – PAP

From the main Menu, go to Connectivity > Internet Settings > internet profiles > New profile > add.

 Name – BSNL-WAP
 Connect Using – BSNL-WAP
click on SAVE

Select the BSNL-WAP in the list, click on More > Setting >
 Connect using – BSNL-WAP
 Internet mode – HTTP
 Use Proxy – Yes
 Proxy Address –
 Port number – 9401
click on SAVE

From the main menu, go to Connectivity > Date Comm. > Data Account > New Account > GPRS data > add
click on CONTINUE
• APN –

From the main menu, go to Connectivity > Settings for Java > New profile > add.
• Name – TVSOUTH
• Connect Using – TVSOUTH
click on SAVE

while watching a program use, select TVSOUTH in Settings for Java


  1. sir I am using Nokia N70 mobile. I down load mobitv. I have taken 2 channels for monthly charges deducted in my no. but its opens old programs. live programes canot see. what i do?

    • Hi Prasad, I have faced this issue on mobi tv too, most of the programs are not live. But on my friend’s suggestion I subscribed to Hello TV on bsnllive and i am very much satisfied the quality and happy with the price. Just open with bsnllive APN and make sure u have bsnlstream as default stream setting.

  2. I am using Nokia 6220classic 3g mobile and bsnl 3g sim but mimbotv software is not supporting it. Please create it immediately

  3. On 17 November 2010, I subscribed to All Chanel in BSNL mimobitv for one month. On 14/12/10 I sent them a message to unsubscribe the service and on 15/12/10 I got an internet link which I used to unsubscribe again. On the next day also I clicked the link again and got the message that I am not a subscriber. On 19/12/10 I got a message saying that my subscription is renewed and they have deducted Rs. 150. I again used the internet link and got the message that I am not a subscriber. Still I got a message on 18/01/11 saying that my subscription is renewed and Rs. 150 is deducted. How can I escape from this.

  4. i am a BSNL subscriber. I have a Nokia E71. I subscribed for CARTOON NETWORK for one month by paying Rs.50/- from mimobi TV on 18th Dec.2010. A confirmatory SMS says my subscription expires on 18th Jan 2011.
    But till date i am not able to view the TV programme on my mobile. when i click on the tv icon, a message says, my subscription is ACTIVATED.

  5. My phone Nokia n97 pre-paid with 3G. mimobi tv is activated by Bsnl. Viewing is ok. Buffering is very slow. I want more LIVE tv not vod. In the monthly plan for all channels I am not getting any Malayalam or Tamil channel. It is unfortunate. Please include in the monthly plan for all basic channels at least one malayalam and tamil tv (non-pay channel). Please consider this request even if the monthly rate is enhanced.

  6. Is there anyway I can watch Mimobi Tv on Samsung Wave. Mobile gets restarted. is there any apps I have to download? Is there any other online Tv services which work on Samsung Wave?

    • Hi Sandesh,

      One simple way to watch LIVE TV on your phone is through video call. Just dial 51010 and start watching your favorite channels. This one of a kind service launched by Hello TV on BSNL, without any hassles of gprs settings.
      You may also visit http://bsnllive from your handset and choose from various packages; all you would need in this case is “bsnllive” and “bsnlstream” APN. You may request these by sending an SMS to 58355 with the space of your phone.

  7. Sir, I am Not Able to Use Mobile TV Even after Subscription Of 3G And Mobile TV.
    My Hand Set Is L G KM900 Arena Kindly clarify, Please Give List Samsung Sony Ericsson, Nokia, HTC Etc…. Hand Set That Was Support I am From Tumkur Am Post Paid Customer My mobile 9448166276, e-mail: [email protected]

    • sir please listing New mobile handset to support mobile t v , that is help to others for purchase Hand Set

  8. My phone is Nokia N97. BSNL Pre-Paid 3G. I have applied for all channels and Rs.150/- has been deducted from my account by Apalya and their message from 554470150 dated 3rd september 2010 regarding deduction of subscription. But when I opened mimobitv channels all channels are asking registration again. Please check whether I HAVE BEEN REGISTERED and if so what further action I have to take for getting mimobitv. Please take urgent action. Earlier also I was trying but I am always receving ” 300006 error, try later”

  9. dear sir,
    i have to activate bsnllive on my mobile nokia 6085. i want to watch Hellow Tv on my mobile . When i enter in hellow tv option.there are combo pack. in case of single pack , i want to see single pack . 10 rs per day . But I cannot do it. Please solve my problem, How can i see Hellow Tv programm in my mobile.

  10. i am using nokia e75 handset i had download mimobitv and also subscribed it of Rs.150 but when i open a channel is 47361: not able to connect the network i had complaint into my customer care but they are not able rectify my problem so tht plz if anyone knws plz reply me.

    • I am having the same issue. Would you tell me whether your issue is resolved and how?

      (47361: Not able to connect to Network Please try again!)


  11. I have a Nokia E52 with a 3G BSNL sim. I sent a message to “GETTV” to 43888.I got a reply ,but when i clicked the message,downloading mobitv,but it does not download. Can you help me. My Mobile No:9480675757

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    I have a samsung corby pro mobile and bsnl 3g sim card. I want to use bsnl mobile tv on my handset. I don’t know how to get settings. Anyone tell me how can i get this settings.

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    30012;not able to connect to network!try after some time

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  16. my handset is Samsung f480i, i am not download the mimobi tv software from gprs, a errer message show , your hanset not support. so pls provide us the samsung support software.

    • Hai … Jeetu,

      i am too having samsung f480…. the is not support for us…

      i am tired of searching “TV application” for samsung f480..

      if i find something like that …i will give u reference…if u find something …do the same



  17. dear sir
    iam using sonyericsson satio u1i 3G but mimbotv software is not saportting it and hello tvalso not running on it pls tell how it works and olso pls sent me setting of bsnl mobilestream

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    Where is your office in Mumbai.I want to come there and get the setting done on my mobile. Please reply on my e mail [email protected]

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  24. shankarDear Sir
    I have Nokia 6630 when i opend any channel from mobitv then it gives

    Error as “30006 network connection error” what can i do what is this

    Error message plz Answer me.

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  34. Hello, I have Samsung S5603 Star 3G mobile. I sent message to bnsl for settings of Mobil TV, I had received that and installed. another sms from bsnl read your passpord for APN settings is 1234, save the APN settings. what I should do please guide.

  35. Hello, I want Mimobi TV supported software for sony ericsson k810i Handset please send it to my mail id…

  36. also you can get APN on you phone by sending sending space of your handset to 58355 by SMS e.g. space to 58355. After you send the SMS you will in response get several settings on your handset viz. ‘bsnl live’, ‘bsnl stream’, ‘bsnl mobility’ etc.

  37. guys BSNL has launched Mobile TV 50 channels on WAP, pls visit bsnllive WAP site using the APN BSNLlive APN you would find HelloTV icon there…no application installation no subscription issues, works like a breeze…its live in North and East Zones

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    kindly suggest now what i can do for gprs setting of spice m5151 mobile.

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    i.e. my mobile no. is 9428518708

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  53. I downloaded and installed mimobitv in my Nokia 5800 xpressmusic. I subscribed for two channels on pay per day basis. Rs.20/- was deducted from my pre-paid balance @Rs.10/- per channel and I received SMS confirming the registration. When I tried to view the channels an user alert appears saying -30006:Network connection effor! Please try after some time! I sent two SMS mytvhelp to 55447 and I received automated reply that my request will be processed soon. but nobody contacted so far. Apalya Tech seems to be a fraud company.

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    so please give facility to the above model

  55. I am having a NOKIA 5310 mobile. I am not getting the mobi TV facility as the hendset NOKIA 5310 is not included under SELECT DEVICE LIST.Pl. do needful by adding NOKIA 5310 under select device list for supported model.

  56. on 25th of august mobitv has renewed my subscription 10 times with in a day.i got 10 msgs in 6 hours and my balance was dedected with rs 999.this is very bad.but i’ll not forget this issue.i am going to make a complaint to TRY against mimobi tv and apalya tech.

  57. when i got link of mobitv.i downloaded it then when i click on any channel then it ask for conection then i press ok then it ask for free preveiw then i press ok then it start conecting . suddenly a message apear that USER ALERT CHANNEL UPDATED and mobi tv closes automatically . and then when we again click on mobitv it dosenot open . what should i do. please solve my problem

  58. i am using nokia E61i and i have taken 3G new pre-paid connection .my balance at present is 846 and also activited my internet but i am not able to view TV on my set ,i have also tried to download MIMOBI.TV but it is repalying check APN setting ,i have also send SMS MYTV to 55447 , pl help me out from this problem

  59. i have a phone the name is FLY 2040L u will not provide the mobi tv in this hand set it has option like broadcast etc please give reply to me above matter

  60. My Mobile handset is Nokia 5800 Express music. 1) When I tried to download MimobiTV application from Nokia Ovistore site it got stuck and stopped downloading (perhaps it requires a Idea sim networking) 2) Then I sent the message MYTV to 55447. The service message containing the URL for downloading the application got stuck again. 3)When I contacted [email protected] the following E mail was forwarded to me.

    Thank You for Your Interest in our Application MiMobiTV. Handset Nokia:5800 is an Supported Handset for our Application. Please send an SMS for 2G as “MYTV” to “55447”, and then you will receive a MiMobiTV Download Link. Before Downloading please set these settings in the “Nokia Mobile”. Go To Mobile Main Menu-> Open “Messaging”-> Bottom “Options”->Open “Settings”-> Open “Service Message”. In That ‘Service Message “ON”‘, & “Download Message -Automatically”. Please do “Clear Cache & Delete Cookies”, Go to Main menu-> Open WEB or Services”–> Bottom there will Options–> Check it in “Navigation Options or Advance Options or Clear Privacy Data”.

    However even after clearing the Cache, deleting the cookies and choosing automatic download of service messages MimobileTV chose not to be downloaded.

    Why should BSNL support an application which is perhaps flawed.
    Is anybody with Nokia 5800 with BSNL prepaid connection is getting MimobiTV in their handsets In Kerala especially?

  61. Sir,
    I had download the application for mobile TV ( and subscribe India Vision Channel as 1 month pack, but till date I can’t see TV on my Nokia N95, while accessing mobile TV and error: 30006 “Net work error, please try after some time” displayed, my service provider is BSNL (South – Kerala) , so Please send me the configuration setting for Nokia N95, viewing Mobile TV ( in Kerala.
    Hope a favourable reply., Thank you. Ganesh

  62. Hello, What is the point in having a TV which does not support Nokia 5800 EM N97 and even N96.
    Your programme looks outdated and nobody knows about it in Kerala. Who is running the MimobileTV in India? BSNL or Idea or Apalya ?

  63. Sir. I hv purchased nokia n97. Your miobi tv does not support to this set and also not support to n96 neither 2g nor 3g tv. I request u please update ur tv for said models, thanks,


  64. Sir
    I have registered for a month plan if i unsubscribe from the plan will the amount will be refunded are not detucted please clarify me

  65. i am having nokia n73 music edition,i already download my mobitv software
    and already subscribed 1 channel 4 one day also,bt when i open the channel
    it show an error:30006:Network connection error;actually i am having active gprs also.what is the real problem,cellone costumer service agents cant help me,because even though they r nt familiar with these products,they heard firt time abt mobi tv facility.please help me if u can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I purchased Samsung mobile SGH-D780. But I did not get mimobi TV or another mobile TV. what is the solution.

  67. now i am watching tv channels in Aircel communication 49Rs per month relay 30 channels past six months i am waiting for their technical problems its not relay not full part every 3 minutes its closed and then we wants to open how is bsnl works i am not see any mobile i am using E90 and N93 IF ITS PROPER works good i wants to get this offer please inform me

  68. I have lost my MMS setting.My mobile model is Sony Ericsson k510i,connection using BSNL-EAST. No. 9431779242 anyone can help me by sending MMS settings on my phone?

  69. i have a htc p3452 model (Pocket PC, Windows Mobile v6.1)

    & i want your bsnl tv settings

    can i play your tv on my mobile

    pl. send me settings

  70. Hai…my mobile set is nokia n82. whether i can install and watch mobile tv in my set? ofcourse it’s a bsnl connection…please response to this …..

  71. I m using n73 handset i send msg MYTV on 55447 then i get link to dowload mobi tv when i go fo downloading then disply say save the software after saving i go for installation it has question mark and error say unable to downloAd so pls help me

  72. only bsnl subscribers can avail this facility,if yes then will u please say me how other service provider users can access.

  73. hi,
    got some usefull information form yout site but can you give me seeting for bsnl west zone for my mobi tv or MYTV service of BSNL please
    waiting for your replly



  74. i have browsing net through sony erricson mobile with pc connected, can watch tv in my pc monitor if i am subscirbed to bsnl mobile tv

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