Wixi – Store Access and Play Media Files

Wixi offers you access to a huge community of media content such as videos, music and photos. All you need to do is create an account and start streaming. Its goal is to let everyone have their files everywhere, without any limits and sharing with the whole world. It offers an advanced and unique service and charge a little fee for setting up an account. You can download all the content you previously uploaded or files shared with you by friends.

[advt]Wixi uses industry-standard SSL security, similar to eCommerce sites, financial institutions, and other secure web-based (SaaS) software solutions. All of your data, including the hosted media files are password-protected and require a login to access. The site offers a media-centric virtual desktop that allows users to play their media files from any computer that supports Flash, and also serves as a service for file sharing between friends.

After creating a profile on the site, users upload their media files to their desktop, which they can then categorize using a familiar drag-and-drop folder system. Each file can be streamed from any computer that supports Flash from within the service’s media player. Users can also browse through files through the site’s search feature or their friends profiles, and when they find something they like, they can save it to their virtual desktop for future reference. However, you will only be able to stream this content – you won’t be able to download a file unless you were the original up loader.


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