Wipro Technologies Launched Next Generation ecommerce Experience Engine

Wipro Technologies, announced the launch of a strategic retail solution, ENCORE (Enhanced Commerce Retail Ecosystem),  at the 2011 edition of the National Retail Federation Conference. ENCORE is scalable platform that helps retailers engage customers and manage online retail operations seamlessly.

It is an end to end solution that allows retailers unparalleled visibility into their e-commerce enterprise without substantial investments in time and infrastructure.

ENCORE provides unique customer experience with engaging features that include Social Media integration, e-mobility, personalization, seamless cross channel experience, recommendations, referral tracking and much more. ENCORE provides retailers the ability to ship to over 200 countries globally, thereby providing access to new markets.

Forrester research predicts that online retail sales in the U.S. will be around $250 billion in 2014 up from $155 billion in 2009. It also forecasts that US online and web-influenced retail sales will be 53% of total retail sales in 2014 up from 42% in 2009.

The ENCORE platform consists of four aspects, each of which addresses a specific challenge faced by e-commerce enterprises. Wipro will offer these four aspects together as a complete solution, or individually, as needed by a retail customer:

  • ENCORE.TRANSACT enables retailers to transact better with their customers and allows shoppers to customize their own experience.
  • ENCORE.MARKET enables retailers to understand their market and provides insights into customers’ opinion about the retailer
  • ENCORE.ANALYZE has deeply insightful analysis tools that can provide intelligence to retailers on areas of operations where they are successfully engaging their customers, and areas that need improvement
  • ENCORE.MANAGE has powerful offerings for aspects such as business process, people and technology that allow retailers to optimize and improve the functional elements of their business[advt]

Bhanumurthy B. M., Senior Vice President, Retail, CPG, Transportation & Government, Wipro Technologies said:

For Wipro, Customer Centricity is of utmost importance and our solutions are not just based on a ‘how to’ analysis but also on a ‘why to’ analysis. Wipro’s vision is to constantly innovate and offer our retail customers new opportunities to maximize the value of their investments and create better retail experiences for the end customer. As consumer spending returns cautiously, e-commerce has established itself as a key growth driver for the retail sector. Wipro’s ‘ENCORE’ solution apart from enabling e-commerce and retail business services with multi-channel and next-generation capabilities also provides ‘on-demand’ business intelligence to our retail customers.

Wipro’s retail offerings include Consulting, Application Development and Maintenance, and Process Improvement. Wipro Retail offers customized solutions in the CRM e-business, CRM, SCM, Technology Infrastructure, ERP, Data Warehousing, Stores Operations Management, Retail Shrink Management, Retail Merchandising and Business Intelligence space.

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