Windows Mobile App Store Open to Developers

Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile Application Store is now open to software developers. Registered developers can upload applications to Windows Marketplace and will have to get certified. Software developers can include their own marketing materials with their applications and will be able to earn money on sales. People buying software on the site will be able to download applications to their PCs or mobile phones, use a variety of payment options, and enjoy a money back guarantee.


Microsoft provides Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio, which consists of 6.5 emulator images, gesture APIs, links to new Windows Mobile 6.5 documentation on MSDN, and more. The Developer Resource Kit (DRK) helps the developer to learn about Windows Mobile, install developer tools, access technical resources, tap into the developer community. The Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN provides deep technical documentation, code gallery samples, community support, downloads, and more.

The toolkit helps you to test the mobile applications with well-defined application readiness standards and test tools available for download. The Hopper Test Tool simulates input stress on Windows Mobile powered devices. Quickly isolate troublesome scenarios and find bugs in your applications. Application Verifier is a runtime verification tool for native code designed to make it easier to create reliable applications by identifying stability errors.

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