Windows Live Skydrive Now Offers 5GB Free Online Storage

Microsft’s Windows Live Skydrive has now increased its storage limit to 5GB. Windows Live SkyDrive provides password protected secure 5 GB of free online storage, available from any computer with Internet access and a browser. You can create personal, shared, and public folders, rename them, or change who has access. Read more about Skydrive.


  1. Offering 25GB of storage with a 5MB max file size is akin to offering an all you can eat buffet and feeding you through a pinhole.

  2. Most of these file storing and sharing services only allow max 100MB file at a time. Which is why, I don’t find them useful for storing large video files.

    They are OK for files lesser than 100 MB but say, I have a video which is some 250 MB and if i want to store it online, I have to split it into 3 pieces and individually upload them. And if i want to share, the recipient should merge them and watch.

    Do let me know any file storing services which don’t put any limit on file size and of course, are free!

    Am I asking for way too much? :-))

    And to irritate me more, this SkyDrive is only allowing 50 MB at a time where as many services out there are offering 100 MB files. :-((

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