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WikidPad is a wiki-like text editor which enables you to not only records your thoughts, but also to organize them into topics and link everything together. Just opening the program gives you a very good idea of how powerful this can be, as WikidPad’s help is presented in a wiki. So there are topics in a left-hand pane, many of which have sub-pages, perfect for keeping related ideas together. These can have hyperlinks, where a quick double-click will take you off to another page. And if that’s not enough then powerful search tools will help you track down the information you need.

Download WikidPad 

You also get plenty of text formatting options, some very capable editing tools (search and replace using regular expressions), and your wiki can be quickly exported to HTML if you’d like to share it with others.

wikidPad is a real-time wiki
wikidPad is not a web server, or application server, or groupware solution. wikidPad is a standalone notepad like application, albeit notepad on steroids. wikidPad is like an IDE for your thoughts.

IDE for your thoughts
Software developers have grown accustomed to certain features from their integrated development environment that make their jobs easier. Features like auto-completion, outline views, incremental search, easy source code navigation. IDE’s that provide these features can greatly increase developer productivity. wikidPad attempts to utilize some of these features to address the problem of personal information management.

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