WeVideo – Online Video Editing Platform

WeVideo is basically a Final Cut Pro clone in the cloud. With WeVideo, you simply upload your video clips and photos, create your storylines, and edit them in the cloud. There is no software to download and all video story creation takes place in the browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can create videos in the moment wherever you are, making the process convenient and timely. With WeVideo, you can collaborate with others on video stories. You can co-create the same video or come up with your own unique versions from the clips in your own cloud-based video library. Once created, you can share your video in basic Internet or high-definition quality on the WeVideo site or publish it to your favorite video-sharing, social-networking, or other online site.


  • The WeVideo platform is a cloud-based solution accessible with almost any Flash-enabled browser, eliminating the need for high-end hardware/software or dependence on a single platform or operating system.
  • WeVideo has a robust yet simple-to-use editing interface, giving greater creative freedom and enabling easy video storytelling.
  • WeVideo offers a unique social-editing environment for project collaboration.
  • WeVideo is highly affordable, starting with a free account set-up and modest upgrade costs to meet the export-quality and storage needs of any individual, business, or professional user.

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