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Kidzui is a free browser that is specially made for kids. Kidzui itself maintains a list of websites, games, and videos that are safe for kids. These websites/games/videos have been approved by parents. So, when your kid browses the internet using Kidzui, you can be sure that he/she is visiting only the sites that are safe, and it takes the burden completely off from you regarding managing the content that your kids can see online.


  • Safe Search for Kids: Kidzui comes with a built-in search engine. When your kids type some search phrase, Kidzui shows the results that are from approved results only. This ensures that your kid can browse only safe content, and not fall in the trap of bad websites. The content that kids see on Kidzui is relevant and appropriate for their age and interest.
  • Kidzui provides the following features for search:
  • When your kid starts typing, Kidzui auto completes search terms, and ranks them in order of popularity among kids.
  • With the suggested search results, Kidzui also displays a visual image that helps your kid identify what they are searching for.
  • Kidzui provides spelling suggestions to help your kids complete their search terms.
  • Related channels are displayed along with the search results. This helps kid in exploring further content related to their interest.
  • Safe Browsing for Kids: The strongest aspect of Kidzui is that it has a database of over 2 million websites/games/videos that your kids can browse. All this content is approved by parents and teachers, which ensures that the content is completely appropriate, and of interest for your kids. Apart from the fact that kids browse only safe content, Kidzui also helps them in learning because they are encourage to explore other content that kids like.
  • Kidzui provides the following features to help kids for browsing:
  • Channels for popular content. Your kids can save their channels when they navigate through content. The channels will display on their home page, and new content is added to channels daily.
  • Kidzui home page displays popular content that other kids around the world find interesting. Kidzui editors also post interesting websites and content on Kidzui home page to help your kids discover and explore new content.
  • Kids can add their favorite websites / games/ videos to their Favorites section, and easily access them anytime.
  • Kidzui maintains a very comprehensive history of the content that your kids browse. They can access this history anytime, and explore that content again.
  • Kids can even tag content as they browse, and express their opinion about content.
  • Kids can easily share the content with their friends.
  • Social Networking: Kidzui provides its own social networking community for kids. Each kid can create their page in that community called MyKidZui page. Kids can add their friends to that page. After that, they can see when their friends came online, and share the tagged content with them.

Kidzui online community provides:

  • [advt]Kids can add and block friends.
  • Kids can share content with friends. All such shared content appears in their Inbox.
  • Ping friends.
  • See friends come online and their interests.

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