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KingSoft Office Suite is free office suite software that can be used as a free alternative to Microsoft Office. You can create presentations, spreadsheets and word documents that are generally suitable with anyone’s personal and professional work life. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office Suite can easily read, write and edit documents written in Microsoft Office format. Similarly, a KingSoft Office file can be opened and viewed with Microsoft Office and does not need Kingsoft Office suite to be pre-installed on the system. It is also available for Android platform. It has an inbuilt PDF converter which can easily convert Office files to PDF format. Basically, it is a kind of software that can be used in place of Microsoft office.
Download KingSoft Office Suite


  • PDF converter: The most distinct feature of this freeware is that it has an inbuilt PDF converter, which directly converts your office file to PDF file format.
  • Automatic Spell Checker: It has an inbuilt spell checker which automatically proof-reads your text and helps to prepare an error free document.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office: It has a better compatibility with Microsoft Office Suite. It allows you to easily access all file formats of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that have been created in Microsoft Office.
  • Automatic Update: It automatically updates the software online and installs new features to the presently installed version on your system.
  • Small Size: The software comes in a very small and compact data format i.e. only 70 Mb, which is very much smaller than any other Office software. Therefore, it requires relatively small space on disk.
  • [advt]Multi Tabs: It can open multiple tabs on a single window, hence it generally avoids the hassles caused by switching between multiple document windows.
  • Document Encryption: It provides the document encryption function which assists you to set password for the files. This helps you to protect your documents from being accessed by others.
  • Share Files via Email: It has an inbuilt emailing function that enables you to view, edit and share documents through mails.

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