Vodafone to Disconnect Inactive Prepaid Mobile Numbers‎ in India

Vodafone LogoVodafone India said they would discontinue mobile services for prepaid customers who don’t use their cellphones – with no voice calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS and data usage – for 60 days at a stretch. The decision stems from the sheer paucity of phone numbers after the telecoms department tightened the number allocation criteria recently by linking it to a mobile phone company’s active subscribers.

Vodafone India said it was being compelled to discontinue services to prepaid users who’ve not made any voice calls or sent text messages for any continuous period of 60 days as the telecom department’s stringent guidelines for allocation of new numbers based on active subscribers had triggered an acute numbers shortage for telcos.

[advt]While it will not impact regular users, the move is slated to deal a body blow to Vodafone’s prepaid subscribers who’ve bought lifetime validity prepaid cards who are currently require to recharge only once in six months. They will now need to recharge every two months or face a disconnection. The move will also hit people with multiple SIMs who use their second and third SIMs very sparingly.

The move is expected to impact some 10 million-odd Vodafone subscribers who’ve been internally classified as “irregular users”.

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