Vakow – Store SMS for Free

Vakow! is startup to store and retrieve public and private SMSs online via SMS forwards or on the web. Vakow is building up an online community of SMS lovers, with ratings and subscription.

Vakow helps you to build your SMS collection, rate the SMS you like, forward SMS to your friends, search and subscribe to find new SMS, and store and retrieve your private SMS.

You can post text messages upto 200 characters long from web. You can also post from your phone itself by sending sms p <your SMS> to 9901554321. Of course, you might be charged by your mobile provider for sending the SMS.


To store your private short messages at Vakow, sms s <your SMS> to 9901554321 to store an SMS in your private store. To retrieve the SMS from Vakow o your cell phone, send sget <ID> to 9901554321. The first word of the SMS is the default ID and it can be changed on the web.

Vakow makes it easy to store your personal messages that you don’t want to delete. You can also store difficult to remember stuff like bank account numbers, some reference numbers, simple shopping list, etc. at Vakow and retrieve anytime you need it! BTW, I feel, these kind of stuff is now making man very lazy and not using his brain at all!

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