Amazon Kindle Now On BlackBerry Too

Amazon launched its Kindle application for the BlackBerry devices. Kindle For BlackBerry app enables users of the Blackberry smartphone to read digital books purchased from Amazon and synchronize bookmarks with the Kindle electronic reader and other supported devices. Customers using BlackBerry devices on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other U.S. carriers will be able to use the Kindle application.

Apart from the Amazon Kindle e-Book Reader device, currently it is available in Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch with a Kindle app and also on Windows PCs. Amazon also plans to release applications for the Mac and Apple iPad, a tablet computer set to be released at the end of March.


The free app is still in beta, so you won’t find it in BlackBerry’s App World. But you can visit Amazon’s site and have the site mail you a link. You open the e-mail on your Blackberry and commence the download and installation. When you first open Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry beta app, you can logon into your existing account or sign up for a new account. The App displays a list of all your Kindle books, and you can download the books to your Blackberry and appears on your archive page. The App also knows exactly where you left off reading your book on the Kindle 2 device and keeps all these in Sync. Kindle for BlackBerry also gives you access to the Kindle ebook store, and you can quickly scroll through list of best sellers, books by category, new and noteworthy and books recommended for you.

Amazon has 420,000 e-books available, including 102 of the 112 New York Times bestsellers. Amazon sells six books for the Kindle for every 10 physical books with the same titles. Amazon Kindle uses proprietary copyright protection technology, while Sony’s Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook support an open e-book standard.

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