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URLy LogoURLy – the URL sharer is a highly customizable and easy to use URL shortening and image / file sharing app for Android phones. You can shorten URLs, upload files and send messages to Twitter. It also functions as a plug-in for Twigee and Twicca to upload files and shorten URLs.

Download URLy – the URL sharer for android

[androidqrcode: com.mndroid.apps.urly]


URLy as URL shortener:

  • Support of about 40 different shortening services: goo.gl, bit.ly / j.mp, CloudApp, kcy.me, is.gd, to.ly, tinyurl.com, saf.li, f2.am, smal.ly, ur.ly, su.pr, lnk.by, ux.nu and more.
  • User credentials for goo.gl, bit.ly, kcy.me, su.pr and others so that URLs are added to your user’s history.
  • Shorten with your own Yourls or ShURLy shortener.
  • Easily choose and rearrange the services you want to use.[advt]
  • Custom URL support.
  • Page title sharing.
  • Shorten long youtube.com URLs to short youtu.be URLs.Search for songs and receive a short tinysong.com URL that points to the song at Grooveshark.
  • Share shortened URL with other apps: Create a new E-Mail, SMS, Buzz, Tweet, Facebook post, Task, etc. with the shortened URL.
  • Password-protect your URLs with din.gy, l4u.in and itshrunk.com.

URLy as File uploader:

  • Upload photos with ImageShack, Yfrog, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Imgur (including album support), picplz, Moby, Plixi, Pikchur, Twitrp, Posterous, TwitrPix, TwitRP, FileSocial, min.us, Gallery3.
  • Upload videos with Yfrog, ImageShack, Twitpic, Posterous, Pikchur.
  • Upload any kind of file with Dropbox, CloudApp, FileSocial, Posterous, TwitDoc, ifile.it or your FTP server (via AndFTP).
  • Receive the URL to the uploaded file and forward it to other apps.
  • Resize photos before uploading them (saves a lot of bandwidth / upload time).
  • nsert forum code for uploaded images (see menu -> insert forum code -> this will wrap you URL into [img] [/img].
  • Auto-shorten the file URL with your favourite URL shortening service.

URLy for Post messages:

  • Insert the short URL and file URL into a new message / status update.
  • Post it directly to Twitter or any Twitter-compatible service like identi.ca, shoutem.com or twitter-api.wordpress.com or forward it to other apps like TweetDeck.
  • Shorten messages with TwitLonger.
  • Insert special UTF-8 characters into the message.Send messages via Twitter API proxy if you can’t perform the Twitter OAuth due to firewall restrictions.

URLy for Twigee & Twicca plug-in:

  • Shorten all URLs of the currently composed tweet using your favorite shortening service or Yourls server via URLy without leaving Twigee or Twicca.
  • Use URLy as a media uploader.
  • Reply to a tweet in Twicca: Select a tweet, press “Reply with URLy” and a new Tweet can be composed in URLy. After sending it, URLy will close so that you’re back in Twicca.

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