“You Are Tagged In This Youtube Video” – New Facebook Video Spam

Facebook LogoFacebook has been hit another video scam, after Osama Bin Laden Death Video Spam. This time in a more convincing way. This fast-spreading scam, pretending to be a link to a YouTube video that they have been tagged in.

The scam messages use potential victims’ first names, claiming that they have been tagged in the “Youtube” video.

Phrases used in the attack include:

YO [name] why are you tagged in this video

WTF!! [name] why are you tagged in this video

hey [name] i cant believe youre tagged in this video

hey [name] you look so stupid in this video

omg! [name] why are you tagged in this vid

OMG [name] why are you in this video

Facebook Video Spam
[advt]Each “video” has a huge number of views and likes, but the length of the movie always appears to be 2:34. Intelligent Facebook users might realise something is fishy, when they see that the links refer to “Youtube” rather than the more accurate “YouTube”.

But if you do make the mistake of clicking on the video thumbnail you will be taken to a webpage which tries to trick you into cutting-and-pasting a malicious JavaScript code into your browser’s address bar.

So friends, please don’t invite problems by clicking the above mentioned stupid video links.[source]

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