Upload, Store and Share Any File Type to Google Docs

Google Docs announced rolling out the ability for Google Apps users to easily upload, securely share and organize any type of file internally and externally using Google Docs. This feature will be enabled for your account over the next couple of weeks — look for the bubble notification when you sign in to Google Docs. You get 1 GB of free storage per user, and you can upload files up to 250 MB in size. You can access your files using Google Docs from any web-enabled computer.

You will be able to upload any file and access your files from any computer to your 1 GB of free storage for files which won’t convert into one of the Google Docs formats such as Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. If you need more space, you can buy additional storage for $0.25 per GB per year.


This makes it easy to backup more of your key files online, from large graphics and raw photos to unedited home videos taken on your smartphone. You might even be able to replace the USB drive you reserved for those files that are too big to send over email.

Combined with shared folders, you can store, organize, and collaborate on files more easily using Google Docs. You can also search for document files you’ve uploaded or that have been shared with you just like you do with your Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs. And you’ll be able to view many common document file types with the Google Docs viewer.

While you upload files, you can see what percentage of the available space you have used. You can also access this information by clicking the Settings link at the top of the Docs list, and checking the Storage section of the page. You can only upload and convert these file types: spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv, .tsv, .txt, .tsb), documents (.doc, .docx, .html, plain text (.txt), .rtf) and presentations (.ppt, .pps)

[source: gdocs blog]

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