Facebook Messages – Filtering, Privacy, Selective Delivery, Blocking

Does the new Messages give me more control over which messages I see?

Unlike traditional messaging systems, where you have no control over who can message you once someone has your contact information, Facebook Messages lets you decide how you connect with friends and the people around you. Some key features that give you more control include:

  1. Smart filtering: The tiered mailbox system allows you to focus on messages from the people you’re closest to, based on who you’re friends with on Facebook. Messages from other sources (such as spam and bulk email) automatically go to the “Other” folder.
  2. Privacy: Your “Send me messages” privacy setting controls your Facebook messages. If you want, you can edit this setting so that certain messages are never delivered to you.
  3. Selective delivery: The only messages you’ll receive are those that fall within the setting you choose. For example, if you have selected the “Friends of Friends” setting, then messages from email addresses that we can’t determine belong to a friend or a friend of a friend won’t be delivered to you. Instead, those senders will receive an automatic bounce-back reply.
  4. Blocking: As always, you can block people, applications and websites on Facebook. When you block an application or a person, they will not be able to send you messages or contact you in any way.
  5. Optional email address: You can choose to set up to an @facebook.com address that is compatible with traditional email systems. To start including email, text messages and chat as part of your conversations within Facebook Messages, click the “Edit: Settings” links at the bottom of your main messages page.
  6. Leaving a conversation: You can leave group conversations if you no longer wish to participate.

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