Update Facebook Status with Your Voice – Ozonetel’s Voice Buzz

Ozonetel, a cloud telephony technology firm launches a cloud telephony application, Voice Buzz for people who connect on Facebook. Voice Buzz can now be deployed by Facebook users to leave their status messages in their own voice and while on the move, without having to pay any service fee for it. This works across landline and cell phone service providers.

It is touted as India’s first independent social networking voice application, that works across landline and cell phone service providers, making it easily and readily usable.

To use this one can register at Ozonetel’s ‘Cloud telephony platform’:http://www.kookoo.in/voicebuzz and provide your phone number. The phone number will be encrypted and will not be shared with anyone. Users have to sync their Facebook account.

This process can be done directly while logging on to facebook.com. To post your voice message, dial 040-30512834 from your registered phone and leave your voice message, which will then instantly appear on Facebook feed.

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