IRCTC Mobile – Train Ticket Booking and Enquiry from Mobile Phone

IRCTCmobile is a unique secure transaction solution from IRCTC which allows you to perform various ticketing related services through your mobile phone. Presently IRCTC mobile service is available only for GSM users with appropriate GPRS connection.

The IRCTCmobile has an attractive and user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and has capability to book tickets in real time and store tickets details, making it an ideal ticketing solution.

You can now book tickets using Credit Cards and Cash Cards, view trains between stations, check availabilityget fare, perform PNR enquiry and many other information services. The tickets booked through IRCTCmobile shall be delivered to the postal address provided during the booking within 3 clear days from the date of booking.


  • A world of convenience.
  • [advt]A simple registration process
  • A complete user-friendly application
  • Cashless transactions with the use of payment cards
  • Door delivery of your ticket

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You can download the IRCTCmobile application using the following short codes:

  • BSNL West and North Zone Users: Send IRCTC to 59998
  • MTNL Mumbai Users: Send IRCTC to 52221
  • Other Users : Send IRCTC to 56767

How does it work?

Register for the service

    1. User enters the mobile number
    2. User gets registered for IRCTC ticketing through IRCTCmobile
    3. Post registration,user receives a service SMS (also called as WAP SMS) from IRCTC containing the link

    Download and install the IRCTCmobile on your mobile phone

      1. User accepts the WAP SMS by selecting it or by accepting it or by clicking the link in the WAP SMS
      2. This will result in downloading of the IRCTCmobile application
      3. The application will prompt the user to ‘install’
      4. User selects ‘Yes’ to install the application on to the mobile phone
      5. Once installed, IRCTCmobile icon will appear on the phone menu/games/application/my own folders.

      Activate IRCTCmobile on your mobile phone

        1. Select the IRCTCmobile icon on your mobile phone
        2. Set a PIN for IRCTCmobile. This PIN will be used for your future logins
        3. IRCTCmobile will connect to the IRCTC’s back end server and initiate the activation process
        4. IRCTCmobile will download the necessary information by synchronizing with the IRCTC’s backend server.
          The IRCTCmobile main menu is now activated on the phone screen

        Pre-requisites to use IRCTCmobile

        • You need to be a IRCTC user
        • Have a Java enabled mobile phone or a smart phone
        • Have GPRS service activated on your mobile phone
        • Have a credit card/cash card

        Note: This service is not available for CDMA mobile users.

        Features Related to Railway Ticketing available through the IRCTCmobile

        Presently, railway ticketing is the only service available through IRCTCmobile and the following features are available:

        1. Register to IRCTC through mobile phone
        2. Book ticket through your mobile phone
        3. View booked ticket details
        4. View train route
        5. View fare
        6. View availability
        7. View train details
        8. Manage passenger list on IRCTCmobile
        9. Fast booking option
        10. PNR Enquiry

        Navigating Through IRCTCmobile

        IRCTCmobile currently consists of 4 icons on the main screen:

        1. Shubh Yatra: Presently this service is not available on the mobile.Visit for details
        2. Tourism: Presently this service is not available on the mobile.Visit for details
        3. Offers: Presently this service will is not available on the mobile.Visit for details
        4. Booking: This menu contains all the features which have been mentioned above
        5. The main screen has the ‘Options’ menu, which consists of:
          • Sync
          • Change PIN
          • Move Icon
          • Upgrade
          • About
          • Exit
          • Select any item by pressing the ENTER key or Joystick on the phone, or by selecting menu.

        Through IRTCmobile, you cannot use your debit card or direct bank debit. Currently, you can pay using any Visa/MasterCard or ITZ Cash Cards.

        Adding passengers to the passenger list stored on the mobile

        On high-end phones, you can add any number of passengers to the ‘Passenger List’. On low-end phones due to lack of sufficient memory you can add a limited number of passengers.

        The procedure for adding passenger details to the passenger list is:

        • Open IRCTCmobile with the appropriate PIN
        • Select ‘Ticketing’ icon
        • Customer Select ‘Passenger List’ icon
        • Select ‘Add’ from ‘Options’
        • Enter the passenger details as requested in the screen and Select ‘Add’ in ‘Options’
        • Passenger name will appear in the list

        Viewing Passenger details

        1. Open IRCTCmobile with the appropriate PIN
        2. Select ‘Booking’
        3. Select on ‘Reservation’ icon
        4. Customer Select ‘Passenger List’ icon
        5. Select ‘View’ from ‘Options’
        6. Passenger details are displayed on IRCTCmobile

        Booking Tickets Using IRCTC mobile

        You can book I-tickets and E-tickets on IRCTCmobile for all the destinations. You can book a train up to 90 days in advance and 2-3 clear days in advance excluding the date of journey. You can book a maximum of 6 seats at a time (adults and children included) using the IRCTCmobile.

        1. Login to IRCTCmobile on your mobile phone and Select ‘Booking’ a) Enter first three characters of city or city code in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ field b) Select ‘Next’ from the ‘Option’.
        2. Confirm city by selecting ‘From’ and ‘To’ for the desired city and Selects ‘Next’
        3. Select the ‘Class’ from ‘Option’
        4. Select the ‘Date of Journey’
        5. IRCTCmobile will fetch and display the trains
          a) Select the desired train and Select ‘Next’
          b) Select ‘Train details’ from Options to view the details
        6. After confirming the Itinerary review, Select ‘Book’
        7. After reading the disclaimer, Select ‘Next’ in Options
        8. Select ‘Passenger List’ to add passengers. Alternatively, Passenger details can be added by selecting ‘New Passenger’ from Options
        9. Select the desired check boxes against passenger names and Select ‘Add to Ticket’
        10. Select ‘Next’
        11. Enter the mailing address where the ticket has to be delivered
        12. Enter the credit card details or cash card account no. and select ‘Continue’ from Options
        13. Enter ‘CVV’ or cash card PIN. and Select ‘Next’
        14. Select ‘Book Now’
        15. An I-ticket* with itinerary details is displayed and stored on the IRCTCmobile. I-ticket will be sent to the mailing address * Only I –tickets can be booked from the mobile phones. I –ticket is delivered to the passenger through courier at the postal address provided by the IRCTCmobile user. The user cannot take print out of I- ticket.

        Booking e-Tickets through IRCTC Mobile

        You can book a maximum of 10 e-tickets per month from IRCTC mobile Application. The user has to give the photo identity card details of any one of the passengers. Payment can be made only through ITZ cash card.

        1. Write IRCTC in capital letters as content and send this message to 56767.
        2. You will receive a wap push after 10 to 15 minutes.
        3. Click on the Link to download the application.
        4. After downloading the application, it gets stored in the applications or games folder of the mobile depending on the phone model.
        5. When you open the application first it verifies the network access. Select the network.
        6. Then GPRS check is performed.
        7. After Successful GPRS check, PIN option like Create PIN and Re-enter PIN option comes. You can enter any 4-10 digit numbers for the PIN.
        8. After submitting the PIN you will reach a 4 icon Screen like Booking, Shubh Yatra, Offers, Tourism. Once you reach that Screen you will be an Active user.
        9. Click on the Booking option. You need to login using your IRCTC user name and password.
        10. After Logging in you will reach a 5 icon Screen i.e. Reservation, PNR, My Tickets, Passenger list and Fast Booking.
        11. Click on the ‘Reservation’ and various options like “From & To”, Date of Journey, Select class of Travel, and Ticket type comes.
        12. In Ticket type there are 2 options i) i-ticket ii) e- ticket.
        13. Choose e- ticket option to book e-tickets through IRCTC mobile application.

        After Booking the e-Ticket through IRCTC mobile application, we need to login to the site After logging into IRCTC you need to go to Booked ticked and take the print out of the ticket.

        IRCTC levies a service charge of Rs.10/- (Second/Sleeper) and RS.20/- (Higher Class) for the first passenger and an additional RS.5/- for every subsequent passenger up to a maximum of Rs.25/- (Second/Sleeper) and RS.40/- (Higher Class).

        Synchronizing the IRCTCmobile

        Synchronizing will keep your IRCTCmobile updated with the latest information. To synchronize your IRCTCmobile, press Sync in Options on the main screen of your IRCTCmobile. A message will be displayed, with summary of downloaded items.

        The procedure for synchronizing the IRCTCmobile is:

        • Select the ‘Sync’ option in the main screen of your IRCTCmobile
        • The synchronization process will be initiated
        • Summary of the uploaded or downloaded items will be displayed on the phone screen
        • Select ‘OK’ to return to the main screen

        For further queries, read FAQ by IRCTC

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