UnLtdWorld – Online Platform that Connects Social Entrepreneurs

UnLtdWorld connects you to the people, tools and information you need to change the world. It’s free to join and easy to get started. All you need to do is register your email address and follow the email instructions to set up your profile and get going. It is an open platform.

On the site you can:

  • [advt]Create Your World: personalise what you see, so that everything is relevant for you.
  • Build Community: Make connections, collaborate and network to make new contacts.
  • Do Business: Promote your project or company, advertise your services, trade with other social entrepreneurs and support bodies.
  • Find Resources: Search for and share news, toolkits and guides that help you grow your project.
  • Get Insight: ask questions, poll our users and track social enterprise globally through the UnLtdWorld Research Lab.

UnLtdWorld helps social entrepreneurs to connect and to share information in a more efficient way.

  • The members of our community share their insight, experiences and interests and tell us what they need to succeed.
  • It sort, match and connect, in real-time, the people, tools and information on our platform to the members to whom they are most relevant
  • Once connected, members can collaborate and trade services online, working together to grow their businesses and increase the impact they have in the real world.


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