Koinup – Social Network Based on User-Generated Contents

Koinup is a social network based on user-generated contents. It’s for users who want to share their works with other users. It allows its members to upload their creations and it encourages them to review or comment on other members’ creations. From a general point of view Koinup is similar to other social networks. But it is also unique, because it focuses only on contents created in virtual and synthetic environments as games/mmorpg/3dworld.

The mission of Koinup is to allow virtual worlds and met averse users to share their lives and their creations in a suitable place, to get feedback from the community and socialize with other members. Koinup is the ideal place to share your virtual experiences and creativity.

[advt]For us, virtual world and metaverse are new countries where people build other identities of themselves. In mmorpg and virtual worlds milions of people manage parallel lives and make great experiences. For a great part of these users mmorpg and virtual worlds are terific platforms to express themselves and create photos, video, objects, events, etc. Koinup mission is to provide an ideal place for these contents

Photography enthusiast can join Koinup and publish their pictures or, using our storyboard tool, share stories mixing images and words. If you join Koinup, you have the chance to publish and share your videos, your pictures and your stories shooted in virtual world and games as Second Life and many others.


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