United Parents – Free Web Based Security Software for Children

United Parents is free web based security software that you can use to protect your children. There are an alarming number of really bad things that your child could accidentally see on the internet. You want to protect them, but you cannot be with them all the time and some things might fall through the cracks. What if you had a support system online that could help you look out for your child?

To use United Parents, you sign-up for free with United Parents, and then download and install their security module on all computers of your home. United Parents will then monitor all the activities of your kids on internet. Unlike other parental control software, it does not restricts or locks down any browsing activity. Instead, it observes your child’s behavior based on all of his/her internet activities, and extracts patterns from them.


  • Immediate Alerts: Parents can make immediate decisions and interfere at the right time. The system monitors over 25 different parameters so they are all over the place looking for people preying on unsuspecting children. They have their eyes on kids who are vulnerable out in the world of the net.
  • [advt]Email and Text: The alerts can come in through email and through your mobile. The text messaging feature is good for people who are away from home with children still at home on their computers.
  • Watch for depression: The mood of your child can be monitored as well as interaction with predators. If your child starts to show warning signs of a depressed nature or thoughts of harming themselves, the parents will be alerted to intervene. Sometimes children start to show signs of suicidal tendencies and parents are able to get them into therapy.
  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing that you will know if your child happens upon unsavory content on the internet. This can ease your mind as a parent who worries because you cannot help it. When you have United Parents on your side it is like a constant babysitter.

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