DIMTS Transit App for Android Provides Delhi Transit Bus Information

The bus rapid transit system [BRTS] of Delhi, the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) has launched the Delhi Transit Bus Info application to make commuter transit a smoother and and more reliable experience. The beta version of the application is available at Google Play store at present and is downloadable for Android powered systems.

The tab will provide vital information like estimated time of arrival of buses, routes, locations of bus stops etc. The Android application will help the passenger get all the information on the click of a mouse or a button, all in real time.

A provision has been added for giving user feedback on the system through a feedback form, which had been made available in the phone application. DIMTS has launched the beta version for getting feedback from the public so that it can further improve the application.

At present, the application is only available for “Orange colored Delhi Transit buses” which belong to BRTS system. Unlike the other features included in the app, the Trip Planner feature will give data of the DTC bus routes also.

Till date, the app is available for Android devices and internet, and the available details cover the details of cluster buses only. The information for DTC operated buses for the rest of the features will soon be integrated into the application.


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