TweetLevel – Measures Individual’s Importance on Twitter

Tweetlevel LogoTweetLevel is a purpose built tool for PR and marketing to help ensure brands use Twitter effectively. It measures an individual’s importance on Twitter. Each score is rated out of 100 – in other words, the higher your score, the more important you are.

There are four result metrics:

  • Influence – what you say is interesting and many people listen to it. This is the primary ranking metric.
  • Popularity – how many people follow you
  • Engagement – you actively participate within your community
  • Trust – people believe what you say

Steps for Using TweetLevel

  • Identify relevant people by context (without this first search, any results are meaningless as influence without context means that we will not be having relevant engagement)
    tweetlevel Screenshot
  • Calculate TweetLevel influence score of these relevant people to identify who are the people we should engage with and have the greatest change to amplify our message.
  • Analyse chart to understand how much buzz there is around a topic. Identify why there are peaks and measure success.
  • Analyse chart to understand what people talk about within the context of the search topic. Using this analysis, brands can identify problems, course correct and measure success.
  • Analyse which web links are shared most frequently. As above, use this metric to identify problems, course correct and measure success.
  • Prior to engaging with the influential targets, understand what they talk about most frequently, who influences them, who they influence, who retweets tweeter and who also talks about similar topics. These last three areas enable the brand to target other relevant and influential people too.
  • These tools should be used to complement the hard work every PR and marketing practitioner undergoes when working on a campaign. Prior to engaging, they should ensure that they build up a trusted relationship with the tweeter and engage with relevant, informative and two-way dialogue without spamming them. These new influentials need to be treated as important and not used because of their network.

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