Schedule Tweets for Free Using is a free application that lets you schedule tweets for future. If you want to post any tweet at a specific point of time you will be able to do it easily with this server application even though you are not online at that time. The tweets will be posted in your name automatically by the server on the scheduled time.

Features of

  • It is a BETA version.
  • It can tweet in your name, but it has to be scheduled by you at an earlier period of time.
  • It does not support any year. It only follows the DD-MM format only.
  • The default TimeZone is GMT.
  • You need to mention the time for scheduling the tweet. A 1100h means 11 AM of today only.
  • It is able to access your account but, it cannot see your password for your twitter account.
  • 5 mins are minimum time for any scheduling of tweets. So you cannot schedule your tweets for any time below 5 mins.
  • Even when you are using twitter account by any twitter client you can avail the help of this software.

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