GoPollG – Online Polling Services and Analytics in Twitter

GoPollG is an online polling service interactive experience for poll creators and voters by displaying analytics in real-time using Twitter. It is the simplest way to get feedback from your friends, followers and users in real-time. It has grown into the preferred polling platform of choice by top brands, large companies and every day consumers.

With one click, users can easily post a poll to twitter allowing their followers to vote while gaining instant, quantitative feedback on their poll. Color-coded maps show geolocated results as they flow in from voters in real time and are combined with the ability to drill down on each location to see a more detailed breakdown of votes. Real-time notifications inform current users when others join the page and vote on a poll creating a fun, social atmosphere.

[advt]It caters to all types of users: individuals, small businesses and big brands. Individual users use GoPollGo to see what their friends are thinking while businesses can use GoPollGo to engage more with their followers.

Large companies are using GoPollGo as an important tool for gaining a timely insight into what their followers think. It provided a way to do quick, simple, mini-market research for massive followings.

It provides consumers with a free way to ask their friends questions and get responses through Twitter. The user signs in and asks any question they like. They can share the question, in the form of a poll, on Twitter. GoPollGo gathers the results and compiles them for the user in real time. The application integrates with Twitter seamlessly and includes location reports and segment vote options. Votes can be segmented by geographic region for more in-depth analysis. These polls can also be embedded across the web as widgets.

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