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Twitlonger is an easy way to post long messages to Twitter without the need to write a blog post. Twitlonger  lets you post to Twitter when 140 characters just isn’t enough for conveying your message. Write what you need in Twitlonger and Twitlonger post the link to Twitter for you.  It is like twitpic for text.

If your tweet runs to 150 characters, you can almost certainly reword it to get it to fit. If, however, you want to make a point that fits in the conversation, or want to explain something technical, then this lets you stay within the Twitterverse without posting a dozen tweets. People those are interested can click on the link and see the full majesty of your wit and wisdom.

Twitlonger store your Twitter username, your Twitter display name and the link to your Twitter avatar and background. Twitlonger do not store passwords since Twitlonger use OAuth to access your Twitter account.

Your Twitter privacy settings are not reflected in Twitlonger. If your updates are private in Twitter it does not mean your Twitlonger posts are private. This includes Direct Messages as well. It is not recommended that you use TwitLonger for sending DMs. TwitLonger is suited for long public twitter messages.

Sign in to TwitLonger with Twitter


You can write your long tweet in the textbox given in twitlonger and click on the post button. First few word of your tweet along with (Cont) and link to the full tweet that you posted in twitlonger will be shown on your twitter home page. Your followers can click on the link and can read your complete tweet.

Some of the Third party Apps that support Twitlonger

  1. Fluttr (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  2. LipTwit (Windows)
  3. moTweets (Windows Mobile)
  4. Osfoora (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  5. SimplyTweet (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  6. SocialScope (BlackBerry)
  7. Sodash (Web)
  8. Teewee (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  9. Touiteur (Android)
  10. TweetCaster (Android)
  11. Tweeterena 2 (iPad)
  12. Tweetie iPhone (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  13. Tweetie Mac (Mac OSX)
  14. Tweetings (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  15. TweetList (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  16. Tweets (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  17. Tweetvisor (Web)
  18. Twicca (Android)
  19. Twidroyd (Android)
  20. Twirelezz (SMS)
  21. Twitama (Cross Platform Adobe Air)
  22. Twitbird Pro (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  23. Twitepad (iPad)
  24. Twittelator Pro (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  25. Twitulater (Cross Platform Adobe AIR)
  26. Twizzle (iPhone/iPod Touch)
  27. twtkr (Web)
  28. ÜberTwitter (Blackberry)

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