TubeMogul – Free Video Submission Service that Built for Branding

TubeMogul is a free video submission service that built for branding. It integrating real-time media buying, ad serving, targeting, optimization and brand measurement into its PlayTime platform, it simplifies the delivery of video ads and maximizes the impact of every dollar spent by brand marketers.

[advt]The company only partners with premium and transparent inventory sources including direct publishers and private networks to deliver video to any audience, in any format, on any device. Advertisers only pay when someone chooses to watch their video and they see exactly which sites their ads ran on, how their ads performed and who watched them. Using PlayTime means never having to choose engagement and accountability over reach.

Beyond advertising, brand marketers can use TubeMogul’s OneLoad video distribution to seed their content on multiple sites and the company’s video analytics to measure and compare the performance of their owned, paid and earned video media.

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