minutes.io – Take Meeting Minutes Easily Using Tablet or Laptops

minutes.io will take notes and share them right away. It has you to face the situation of agreeing on decisions and task assignments in a meeting and it takes days before the minutes are written and sent to everyone. It takes great care to protect your privacy and to secure the data that is stored on the minutes.io servers. Minutes.io takes measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, or destruction.

Minutes.io is designed to allow you to use the service almost anonymously if you wish: You can use minutes.io without registration and without entering any e-mail address. It records certain requests and transactions in log files. This log data is used for troubleshooting, statistics, quality assurance, and to monitor system security and can be analyzed to that end. It can publish anonymous statistics under the condition that no personally identifiable information can be derived from such statistics.

[advt]Minutes.io also uses your browser local storage capabilities to store information such as draft minutes. This information is strictly local to your browser and is not communicated to minutes.io until the moment you explicitly send it to the servers for sharing it or emailing it to your minutes recipients.

To access minutes, you use the unique link which minutes.io provides and which contains a random access code. This link is an important element to prevent unauthorized access to your minutes. You should send this link only to authorized people, i.e., the people you wish to give access to the minutes.

Fast Typing

minutes.io has been designed to let you take notes during your meetings, not after. Keyboard navigation, smart data entry, tablet friendly.

Local Storage

Internet connectivity is not always there in customers’ meeting room or on the go. Not a problem. Your drafts are saved in your browser, waiting to be sent when you’re online again.

Instant Publish

In addition to emailing the minutes on your behalf, minutes.io publishes those using secret URLs, making it easy to access them from anywhere.

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