TripAdvisor Free Mobile App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

TripAdvisor, the travel site, launched its new application for the iPad, available in Apple’s App Store. The free application allows travelers on the go to search for popular hotels, restaurants and attractions, as well as find the cheapest flights, from their iPad.

The TripAdvisor mobile applications are available in 18 languages and 26 countries around the world, giving travelers a truly localized experience on TripAdvisor.

The new TripAdvisor iPad app features a cool and innovative map-based browsing experience that allows travelers to see traveler reviews for hotels, restaurants and attractions and quickly get the lay of the land in their travel destinations.

If travelers want to scope out points of interest at their destination of interest, they can simply move the map with the slide of a finger. The app also supports one-click map-based searches, making it easy to find hot spots in different parts of town.

In addition to its map-based functionality, the TripAdvisor iPad app includes a number of other helpful features for travelers on the go, including:

  • TripAdvisor’s more than 40 million reviews and opinions for hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Travelers can even add their own reviews while their experiences are fresh.
  • Ability to find cheap flights using the award-winning TripAdvisor Flights search engine and compare airline fees using its Fees Estimator.
  • “Near Me Now” functionality, so travelers can determine what hotels, restaurants and attractions are nearby.
  • Access to the TripAdvisor forums, where users can ask questions of their fellow travelers and receive helpful feedback.
  • Full-screen traveler photos of hotels, restaurants, attractions and destinations. [pr]

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