Trello – Online Project Management Tool

Trello is a web-based project management tool that organizes your projects into boards. It tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. If you’re looking for a dead-simple drag and drop organizer to keep your projects (and team) on track, you’ll definitely want to take Trello for a spin.

Check out the video above to see just how dead a simple managing project in Trello is. If you can click and drag you can easily move component around between projects, assign tasks to your team mates, and otherwise interact with the project list without a whole lot of fussing.

With a simple board and card system, any project, task list, or process can be visually represented and easily managed. No more cumbersome software for you just the speedy and simple elegance of Trello to organize everything. View your Trello boards, lists, cards and notifications with the Trello app for iOS and keep up to date with the activity of your team members.


  • Boards: A board is a just a collection of lists (and lists hold the cards). You’ll probably want a board for each project you’re working on. You can add and start using a new board in seconds. You can glance at a board and get a handle on the status of any project.
  • Lists: Lists can be just simple lists, but they are most powerful when they represent a stage in a process. Simply drag your lists into place to represent your workflow. Move a card from one list to the next to show your progress.
  • Cards: Cards are tasks. You make a card to track something you or your team needs to get done. You can add attachments, embed video, assign users, add due dates, make checklists, or you can just add your card to a board with no fuss and no overhead, and know exactly what work needs to get done.
  • Real Time Updates: Trello instantly updates. No refreshing is ever required, and everyone on the team sees all updates and actions immediately.
  • [advt]Members and Organizations: You have control over board permissions. You can make a board that your company and team can see, or you can restrict it to specific people. You can invite your whole company with one invite, or you can supply a list of emails.
  • Works on just about any device: Trello works on smartphones, tablets, laptops etc just about anything. Just point your browser to and you’re using it on the go. There’s nothing to install or update.
  • Notifications: Trello lets you know when you receive lavish praise in the comments, when someone does something to a card you’re assigned to, or sends you boards invite. With the updates column you can see exactly what’s happening on the board as it is happening.
  • Public Boards: Make a public board and let your customers see your roadmap or your current priorities. Allow public commenting and voting, making it perfect for new feature requests, or to decide amongst your friends where to take your next vacation.
  • Solid Security: Everything in Trello is secure. All traffic runs over SSL which encrypts all of your traffic. Trello is backed up hourly, so you’re in no danger of losing important lists or tasks.

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